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787C Note Counting

787C Note Counting

Rs. 7500+18%

Counting Speed: >= 1000 pcs/min

Size of countable note: 50mm x 110mm ~ 90mm x 185mm

Size of carton: 373mm x 316mm x 257mm

Net weight: 5.5 KGS

Gross weight: 6.3 KGS

Power supply: 110V ~ 240V   50/60Hz

Stacker capacity: 300 pcs

Amount the value

* Counting accurately

* Counterfeit detection with UV,MG,IR

* Chained note detection

* Size detection

* Double-note detection

* Half-note detection

* Automatic/manual starting,stopping and clearing

* Batch and addition function

* Self-checking function

* Adjustable sensitivity